Mortal Kombat

I remember way back when, in the pizza parlor, and for 50 cents was a game called Mortal Kombat. At the time, this was allegedly the most violent game. Today I put into my X-bone the same game title and was met with a whole new game. And it totally destroyed my life investments back on the Super Nintendo with a game running by the same name.

Okay, lets kick start this video game with the premises it’s a revamp. With this in mind, we don’t get to pick and choose our character. Instead we roll through ‘chapters’ within the game. i.e. Scorpion is chapter one, Johnny Cage is chapter two, Sonya is chapter three…. So on, so forth…. And we progress through the first video game. Then we move on to the second game and we find the true idiot plot arises.

Characters will meet up with other characters and beat the bloody pulp out of each other for no reason. What got me in these moments is how stupid it is to have to get through these fights to “progress” (a loosely used word) story line.

Finally we get all the way to where Mortal Kombat 3 concludes. Then we realized we just got sucked into a horrible abyss of a dumb ass sequel. The underlined plot is the game opening to every character dead except for Raiden and Shao Khan going at it. Raiden is beaten nearly to death. I’m still trying to break down how he was the soul survivor within the vast amount of characters provided. Anyway, Shao Khan throws him from one place to another and Raiden’s amulet is shattered. Then he says a couple of mumbo-jumbo words and sends a message to himself in the past with the words, “He must win.” Hold up! Like, really? That’s the message!? Well at least we divided the sex down. However, with the plethora of male characters there’s not really a ‘good’ pick. Without being a fan boy, anyone would have guessed the favorite would be Liu Kang. Thus the game goes through the woes of Mortal Kombat history. The highs, the lows, the ups and downs for the cannon. All the way to the very beginning.

Now we’re rolling through the game and as we progress, the ‘choices’ which are not of our own (the player) is pushed through the flimsy story line. Ya’know, if the mechanic of choice base system was integrated into this game. Then I could see where this could be getting good. If Raiden’s message was, “YOU MUST WIN.” Then the enigma would be there. However, it’s not and it wont be. And now I have to continue on with the game we have. SPOILER ALERT, everyone important dies. Yes, all the choices we make end up with the worst case scenario possible.

Needless to say, let us break down the game into what it presents:

First, the “fighting” is a hell of a lot better than it was in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. Graphics are better, however this also depends on the character. Some characters look like plastic, while the more ‘alien’ characters have the attention needed. Where ‘graphics’ are let down is in the women’s department.

Graphics gripe part one: I forgot halfway into the video game if I was playing a fighting game or watching a swim suit competition.

Graphics gripe part two:, if it’s anything my wife has thought me, “eye brows are sisters not twins.” This goes for other parts of the body, because everyone seems to be a H-cup. Finally, for the women the detail given to their hair was left with everyone having ‘plastic’ hair. Ya’know the type I’m talking about. Silent Hill Homecoming is the worst of this. Because they spent a large amount of attention on the main character and then neglected everyone else with ‘plastic hair.’ The hair is too shiny for the light provided. Strands of hair plastered to the forehead. THAT LOOK. Seriously, 2015 and I thought we got past Playstation 2 graphics at this point. Meanwhile the gentlemen have stalk body builds too. All the Ninja’s look like one another minus colour differential. Some wear masks, others do not. However, most of the gentlemen look like a Chia-pet on a fridge with two rolled up rugs for arms. P.S. some men in this game are subject to the ‘plastic hair’ look. I find it sad when a Ninja’s hair style is akin to Fabio.

Second, this game has the audacity of ineptitude (kinda like Midway’s Batman Forever on the SNES) to think I know every move known to mankind. Some are innate being I’ve played the games previous. So simple moves like back, forward, punch usually makes Scorpion do his spear thing. Down, back, punch makes Sub-Zero do his freeze move. However, for everyone else…. I busted out Google so fast, then realized there’s a “Move List” on the pause button. However, only accessible after the countdown and first syllable of “FIGHT!” Any case, the game has a time with going easy and then building up to full retard difficulty. Dear Mortal Kombat, my button mashing skills does not equate to ‘this guy has skills’. No, I have button mashing skills. Also the equivalent of throwing my controller down a flight of stairs and getting the same entertainment.

Third and final break down is literally watching an X-Ray slow motion of bone breaking. Overall however much you get hit builds up power in your character. Then when you reach your max you can initiate an attack which can (depending on character) deplete a third health from your opponent. This includes a cut scene, and someone’s skull being dropped kicked. Someone’s shin being snapped and other body parts which result in instantaneous death. However, you’ll find the fight keeps on going and life carries on till a victor is named. Which kinda takes the piss out of the whole experience. I can’t even do a Fatality. I don’t get spot lights and the dum-dum-dum bass line solo to a glorious blood bath. Instead I settle with beating the stupid out of an opponent due to X-Ray vision contusions and compound complex bones breaking. The best bit behind this whole thing is every character at least has their own style of pulling this move off. However, after the 10th time it all becomes stale as pop corn at a movie theatre.

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