Rare Replay

Question: How do you condense 30 years of video game development into one video game? Answer: Rare Replay. This definitive collection sets an all new bar to compilation video games. The first experience for me being the Silent Hill HD Collection. Which should have had the first 4 Silent Hill games in one collection. However, with all the issues with the later video game collection. I digress… for another time. What I have learned from both of these; Collector Edition Games need to take a step back and take a huge note to what Rare launched.

Rare Replay looks back to 8 bit home console video games I personally didn’t know exist up till Digger T. Rock (a 1990 video game on the Nintendo Entertainment System). Rare, through this collection, resonates a consistent theme of an X factor within each game.

My range of friends very from those who know how to play a video game, to those who need a good hour to find the jump button. However, Rare does an amazing job of allowing video games such as Digger T. Rock to allow my 90’s friends to play games they grew up with. While I can jump to Banjo and Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Viva Pinata, and Perfect Dark Zero. This allows every video gamer a chance to feel at home with this collector edition game.

The styles of game are a wide variety. Side scroller, racing, brawler, adventure, plat former, etc. Some of the video games in brief flash myself back to the old packer-bell computer in the 90’s. Others remind me of a makeshift Metroid knock off, the competition to Mario, finally a side-swipe at Luigi’s Mansion (before Luigi’s Mansion) also known as Grabbed by Ghoulies. With these examples, it’s not necessarily drawing a comparison. More so showing others have done their own work and have in someway paved the way for other developers to imitate.

Is Rare Replay any good? My question to answer this is, do you like classic games and retro games? If your answer is no, then no you will not like Rare Replay. I don’t believe you have to be a fan-boy to enjoy Rare Replay. The beauty of the package is to be able to play what the developers have crafted over nearly three decades of video games and supplied it to you to dabble in. The ‘experience’ is weather or not the player appreciates the game of choice. The only down side is playing a game and finding how much I instantly sucked at it. Kinda reminded me of my moment under the sun playing American flag football. Not only was I confused as to what team I was playing for, but I also somehow got tackled too…. Needless to say, it’s a collectors item. You wont find any Nintendo games within this collection. Not since the Rare company was bought out by Microsoft.


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