Silent Hill Alchemilla 

In the name of keeping life consistent. Like Layers of Fear, today I’m playing an indie concept game called Silent Hill Alchemilla. This game is non-cannon. However, should based on all the reasons I’ve discussed in my supper post Silent Hill. For those who wish to have the cleft notes. Silent Hill via Konami has had its ups and downs. And while the original team has little to do with the concept since Silent Hill 2. And the last original artist left after Silent Hill Shattered Memories. Alchemilla takes things back to simplicity with neither Konami, or the original teams involvement.

AlchemilliaAlchemilla, takes place somewhere in the business district of Silent Hill. We first start off with realizing we’re in Silent Hill, all alone, and getting down from some drug we just got on. While walking around we go out the only exit available and the token sirens start wailing. Next, we’re outside of Alchemilla Hospital and thus the ride begins.

Nostalgia hit really hard for few reasons. First we’re working with first person gameplay. Which was introduced in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Second the whole layout of Alchemilla is exact. Props and kudos to development team. Third, as far as game mechanics goes. Let’s talk about everything Silent Hill used to give players:

Inventory – also known as, “I totally forgot what I picked up.” Usually the inventory screen is available and gives ‘clues’ to what you’re supposed to do with said item. Alchemilla threw this away and I had to literally chicken scratch how many keys I have, were I found them and cross off how often I used said key.

Maps – also known as, “dude, were fucking lost.” This becomes a major theme in the original game play. While in the original game the whole point is to have the option to either use said maps. Normally in gameplay there are clues which can be written on the map. What Alchemilla did was provide the map on any given level of the hospital. However, there’s no inventory or notes. Do you know when’s the last time I had to draw a map for a video game?! 1995 on a Packerbell playing Kings Quest Four.

alchemilla_mod_screen_07Memos and Notes – also know as, “shit you better remember.” This bit me in the ass in little than 5 minutes of game play due to riddles. Which becomes the main gist why we’re here today. The only problem is the fact the notes (a majority of them) have an amount of ineptitude which frustrated myself. Some of the notes made since. Another exercised my math capabilities. However, another had something to do with jumping into a hole. And I swear to God. I walked around the area for a solid hour because it didn’t make sense. While it would be nice to have an inventory system and keep an account of what items I did manage to keep. Our protagonist does have his shining moments of dropping clues or reminders to himself.

Fighting for your life – I don’t have an aka for this. However, the closest monster you’ll get involved with is a Nurse in the hospital and blob monsters in the Otherworld. This being said, we’re harkened to Silent Hill Shattered Memories for just running for your life in respected areas instead of being a clumsy character with a gun going Rambo on any monster whom comes our direction. To keep in perspective, this is a walking simulator. So take it as you will. However, even Layers of Fear had some bit of “monster” interaction. Though it was totally ripped from Silent Hills PT. Needless to say, Alchemilla is here for the “experience.” Not the fighting “survival” mechanic. So, I’m guessing at this point we all ask ourselves. What’s the point to a Survival Horror game when “Survival” has been lit on fire like a hooker taking communion on a Sunday morning.


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