Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is alright…. Alright being the ‘operative’ word we’ll be using today upon my review. In the past most of the Far Cry video games as I remember were so-so. Mostly characters doing things and no real reason why. Far Cry 3 rolls around and there’s a microscope on characters. However, also these same characters still doing things. This time doing things and wondering if it’s the right thing to do…

Today I’m Jason Brody. An American tourist enjoying a vacation with his mentally self centered friends. Out from the gate we’re looped into a human trafficking situation ran by a guy named Vars.


In the course of a really intense intro of running away from Vars. Jason transforms from a needy New Jersey shore ass hat into Bear Grylls with lizard skins, alligator hides, and Bambi clothes. However, by the time he gets around to hanging with his friends again. Successfully not leaving them to a life of human slavery. We find out Jason doesn’t really have a lot of comparisons with the crew he used to hang with. Seeing as how none of them like going Rambo on enemy campsites, zip-lining, or burning fields of weed.

Unlike the last few video games prior to Far Cry 3, it’s nice to see a guy like Jason become his own while playing the character rather than protagonist in Gears of War where we have years of off camera training built for this kind of thing. More so, we grow into the character like Isaac from Dead Space. However, not so much in the grabbing experiences to apply to a skill. More along the lines of trial by error till you get it right the next time. Which is really nice to experience instead of the Gears of War/ Halo characters where we start off as a jar-head and end as a jar-head.

A typical mission in consideration to the game is usually, as I stated before, scouting out a campsite. Observing who is who and how’s best to pick each guy off till we take control of said area of the map. This moment in the game is relaxing to the gamer who’s into strategy and trail by error if things go weary.

2546039-farcrySadly a majority of the first half of the game was upgrading guns, knifes, bags to cary shit in. Which is easily four hours of your life, doing it (al)right. While the later half is being Rambo in tropic islands of who-knows-where-we-are. This is without going around and doing side-quests too. The game is very minimal in the aspect of having to do this-that and the other to continue on in life. Which makes it a very well made ‘sand box game.’

The last point of disappointment hangs on Vars and our quick time event to defeating him. While it would have totally worked out to be in a situation where I could contend with him in the same manner as previous bad guys. Instead it’s all button mashing sequencing and once Vars is replaced with a whole other villain. The whole story flopped for me. While this all concludes, we’re met with making a choice to stay on island or go home with our beach-boy friends from the beginning. While, I’m not going to spoil the ending to ‘going home.’ All I can say is, staying on the island didn’t kill the next 4 hours of entertainment because all those side missions came back as, “Wanna kill more shit!?” This made me realize Jason would have gone back home and probably had done the same in Time Square, given the chance.


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