FarCry Primal

It has become official FarCry AKA Ubisoft has hacked out another FarCry 3 brain child in hopes of lightening striking twice in the same spot. However, Nintendo tried that once with Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy…. All three of which are fun games, however neither over shadowed one over the other. The problem with FarCry is the fact most of its fan base don’t really care if the next installment is literally the same thing with a different face on it.

blog_farcry_1280x788_001aFarCry Primal, turns the volatile city boy protagonist of Jason Brody upside down somewhat and gives you a volatile cave man protagonist roaming around the world and clubbing rival tribesmen skulls like a hammer to a water melon. The world is set in a fictional world where a five minute walk changes the weather from straight from hell hot, to hell frozen over.

Meet Takkar, a non descriptive protagonist whom loses his tribe peeps literally in the first five minutes due to fucking around with Wholly Mammoths and getting side swiped by a tiger. Anyway, he finds himself in a new area of the world. Meets up with a chick who has an ear necklace, and somehow convinces you to find all the other scattered tribesmen. But while doing this whole hero business we also genocide the fuck out of the other tribes whom happen to be in the same area. Apparently they don’t deserve the promise lands as much as our people do. Meanwhile, I (personally) would be trying to plug my iPhone into a tree on the off chance of getting some apple juice out of it. All I’m saying is, there’s no good way of trying to connect with Cavemen/Neanderthals when neither of the two groups know what sandpaper toilet paper feels like.

If you’re looking for a plot, then skip this game because you wont find it here. While the above paragraph may seem like a “plot.” In reality, you would be wrong. The tiger who killed all but you in the beginning of the game becomes a mission to kill as one of the big hunting missions. Later the wifey and I ousted the competing tribes from the promise land on the basis my tribe wants to survive the winter. However, by happenstance so do they. But the game doesn’t end there folks.

fc5-ubicom-buy_edition-thumbnail_mobile_221119Since Assassins Creed died out on hiatus, and FarCry 3 was the cat’s meow. This has been the game Ubisoft was claiming to throw out and everyone would lose there minds too. By simply keeping the structure of the game as unclear as possible to keep it from being a platform of “start here, end there.” I’ve questioned the idea was to keep the repetitive structure that of FarCry 3 as veiled as possible while also trying to force upon Down Loadable Content (DLC) later.
But I get it…. Where does Final Fantasy get off having over 12 video games and telling me I can’t just start on Kingdom Hearts 3 in hopes of enjoying why each character looks like they’re from another cannon. How dare you tell me I can’t just play Silent Hill 3 and not understand why it’s a big deal Harry’s death is a big deal in the cannon. I’m the creator of my own reality!

FarCry Primal makes it a point, crafting is what we’re here for in the grand scheme of things. From running around kingdom come killing badgers and collecting twigs we have huts to upgrade, weapons to build. This is something which actually makes sense in a “cave man” video game. What else were they doing aside from hunting, plundering and populating the world? Seems legit to me.

One thing which does get a little jarring is the idea you can tame animals. From Hounds, Bears, Mammoths and finally Tigers. Which by the way this is how FarCry made up for not having rifles to snipe enemy’s. Here I am on a ledge. I see a whole camp of Neanderthals doing their Neanderthal thing. Then suddenly an Owl decides to drop a wasp nest in the village and then charge right into the biggest mother-licker I could see. Next the Hound charges in and starts malling everyone till he’s down. Then, when they do decide to look for a random passerby I reposition and unleash the Bear. Needless to say you don’t fuck around in my Enchanted Forest.
I realized there’s a pattern to find with FarCry games and once you jail break these, it become mission after mission till everything is complete and you walk around thinking… Well, fuck… Thanks game, I guess….


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