Mirrors Edge

Today I gave myself the opportunity to play another EA game called Mirrors Edge. A game which I eventually finished in a day leveling the rest of my day for other house tasks like cleaning the windows.


In essence I realized when I had once played the demo back in the day. Everything looked like shiny glass with glitter pissing everywhere. Meanwhile, for those like me whom eventually played the full game realized the shiny glass with glitter pissing everywhere turned into just piss… piss everywhere…

So here’s the gist of Mirrors Edge. It’s the future, and the government is evil as per usual. Mainly because they wear suites and have lots of money which isn’t really well explained in the story line. Meanwhile, I’m apart of an underground organization whom use the rooftops as transportation, ironically. The jobs we pick up are from someone (whom again isn’t mentioned or covered well) to simply deliver packages UPS style, which again isn’t very well explained either.
Meanwhile the police have nothing better to do but try to stop you from completing your mission of start here, end there. This also implies a couple of them will be flying hellos. This means, either no other crime fucking happens in this town of the future, or I’m delivering the shiny gold suitcase from Pulp Fiction.


When the demo unleashed, I remember friends thinking it would be a really cool game play because it’s first person. Meanwhile, I realized, bringing everyone down to reality first person video games are about as user friendly as Trump supporters at a gay wedding. Har-har, high brow joke… You can’t really know from playing the game if and when the edge of a building is about to end till it’s too late. You literally have to look down to time it right. However, for those like me whom will trial by error till getting it right. I’ve found a 4 second delay seems to work. Meanwhile hanging from a wall or cliff, you’re going to be treated to a face full of wall. This moment then breaks game flow by having to look around and then find another ledge or wall to jump to. However, the game demands me to be ‘fast’ about it. Which means, I’m going to be in panic mode and make dumb decisions. Eventually it all comes down to Wild Ass Guesses (aka WAG). Eventually I turned out to be fine after dealing with an hour of game play and realizing  this game had it’s shining moments of being glitchy. More notably when a three foot step isn’t jumpable. Well, not until I jump around said three foot step fifty billion times. But this is while I’m also waiting for the police to shoot me into swiss cheese.

Speaking of, Mirror Edge had a strange moment of trying to realize if it wanted to be an avoidance game, shooting game, or a combat game. Thus, half the time the game tells you to ‘run Forest, run.’ On the other hand, you can’t continue the game without taking out the government enforcement. I mean, we only have the main character’s word the government is evil. The only evidence provided is all the windows on the buildings are Windex’d and people are pissing glitter. Thus they obviously have a workforce mainly consisting of janitorial employment. Which means all those packages could possibly be explosives for all we know.

I do like the imagery of the game, something completely different from Gears or War gun metal gray, brown and sand. Meanwhile there’s plenty of blurring, shading and interactive views of seeing through someones eyes not just a video camera. However, when difficulty is enough with the stark white buildings, sunlight and blurring effects. After jumping off the buildings fifty billion times Mirrors Edge jumps in and says, ‘well then we’re going into hallways and sewers then, fuck it all.’ All of this undermined the existing idea of hard-core par-core.

Thus, Mirrors Edge is a prototype. Flawed concept, dodgy detection, indecisive decision making, unlikable character told through a story with paper cut out cut scenes, all the while with a short-short story. Put it all together and you get: Flawedconceptdodgydetectionindecisivedicisionmakingunlikeablecharactertoldthroughastorywithpapercutoutcutscenesallthewhilewithashort-shortstory and of course, Mirrors Edge.

Overall with Mirrors Edge being released with other games like RE5, Tomb Raider 20 and other games with large numbers. The game was experimental, sure. Which is what experimentation is for. Maybe the next experiment will begin a revolution in gaming and finally something will piss translucent glitter. I’m glad I was apart of the process…. Shame I paid about $5…. Thanks 2016….


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