Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Investigations

Being called a fan is a strong word for me here. Sure I own four seasons of Adventure Time and subsequent box set dvd’s of the show for my own amusement. Then one day I saw a video game with the same title and I nearly shat my pants. Especially because I’ve always thought to myself it would be really cool if there was an Adventure Time video game.


Then I popped in the video game, down loaded the content nearly thirty minutes later and realized I might as well of had put my money into Wells Fargo. Let me be Frank, I was totally expecting a free roaming adventure video game with our beloved heroes Finn and Jake. Instead, it turned out to be the exact opposite.

The over all game play is based around two areas. The first is roaming around an area looking at items and interacting with certain objects or people to move on to the next step. This happens to be the ‘investigations’ aspect. Which is totally thrown by the wayside here. Firstly, the story isn’t believable to sell me on the importance of why I’m here today. However, I let it slide because I wanted to get into some adventuring. Only later did I realize I’m simply looking around for this item, to mix with possibly that item to activate the other item so I can move on to yet again another set of the same damn bullshit. Only punctuated by the fact the characters within the game either don’t really care what’s going on in it’s own universe, or they’re really board. No seriously, multiple characters in this video game are board of themselves as well. Which doesn’t help because I too become board of whatever erroneous task I’m set to do. This is not how you sell a game. In fact, up to today I’ve never heard a video game tell me of its lethargic state. Provided if I had a way of looking into the future I would have saved myself the couple of hours so I too didn’t feel lethargic as well.
Area two of Adventure Time’s gimmicks department is in the makeshift battle moments. Simply put, there’s going to be bad guys Jake and I would have to fight off to once again progress something of a story line here. Battles are stupid easy with mashing X till a bad guy sits down while watching birds fly around his/her head. In the meantime team attacks… The makeshift of myself and Jake pull off something of a super power. However, at the end of the day it doesn’t seem to be any more effective than if I had just not activated the “special abilities” at all. Again, another swing and miss on one department which could have been not only simply built but also developed into it’s own.


Mind you, it’s Adventure Time which means we’re all in it for the abstract and over the top ridiculousness. Story line is about as useful as one ply toilet paper. Characters are voiced by the cast of the television show, which is great. However, interaction with these characters is really like sawing off a leg when a tree falls on you. Just as painful because after an extensive Q&A between Fire Princess and myself at the end of the whole conversation I learned one thing. Jake’s farts in a plastic bag is potentially a weakness for some evil fire guardian. Here is my example, Jake eats beans which makes him fart. Now I have to find plastic bags and apply these items with Jake in the inventory to create Stink Bombs to later use in a battle. Now here’s the fun part. Not once did I actually have to use said Stink Bombs to beat the very bad guy they we’re made for. Talk about a bait and switch.

Needless to say Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Investigations is a good way to relax. Tasks are easy to accomplish. Story isn’t easily found here. Game mechanics seem to be built for ages 5-up. Next time, if someone takes the time to create another Adventure Time video game. How about take a page from grand father of adventure video gaming like The Legend of Zelda.


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