Super Mario Run

For sake of conversation I will go on record to say I’m not below standards when it comes to game apps. I’m all for third party games when they’re entertaining or really peek my interest. The fact of the matter being my first app review was Pokémon Go doesn’t imply I’m a snob. Like I said in the past, ‘the happiest moment for me last year was seeing my generation and our kids playing a video game together in harmony.’ But enough with that hippy-dippy bullshit. Reviewing Mario Run right after doesn’t help my case trying to not be a game app review snob.


Once again it’s the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser has not only kidnapped the Princess but he has also destroyed the castle and any idea a kingdom ever existing. Now it’s up to MARIO to save the day once more.

The set up is a mix of possibly three apps in one. Firstly, we have the idea of a platform running game like a knock off to Sonic Dash. The challenges here is three fold. We have pink coins to collect in the first run, which then turns purple and then green. All of these different colours represent a classification of difficulty. Mario starts off from the start line and will continually run till he literally runs into a ditch. At this point you tap the screen to make him jump. Which is pretty much your arsenal of tricks. Yes, there’s mushrooms to power up. Yes, the ‘bubble’ feature is prevalent for tricky situations. However, the draw back is the bubble will fling you too far back to even complete the level within the time allotted. This is a feature I seriously thought was dropped from the Mario series.

The second aspect is re-building your Mushroom Kingdom. This is practically Farmville 101. At the end of the day you run those levels mentioned previously to gain coins and then spend said coinage on buildings, flowers, and other accolades to rebuild. Meanwhile, all your Toads are not all too comfortable about hanging out in your kingdom. Which means we have to visit the third aspect of our game app.


Competing with other players around the world. The idea here is to collect coins within a never ending level. The more coins you collect, the more Toads will rally at your side of the screen. The end result is to not only collect the coins, but also have the most Toads cheering you on. The end result is gaining more Toads for your kingdom while also leveling up. Which is also like that whole Star Wars Battlefront recruitment tactic.

Mario Run is a lot more fun than Sonic Dash in the theme of rail games. While also tapping in the staple nostalgia children of the 80’s all know and love. In the mean time the later two aspects being a Farmville knock off featuring a friendly competition recruitment tool is cheap and not really worth the attention it demands the player to invest.


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