007, Goldeneye N64

I remember when Goldeneye hit the theaters and my father was really loving life for a moment. He was a total fan of the Bond series and owned every MGM film from the franchise. Even the knock off chapters, “Never Say Never Again.” Then we had a N64 with Mario 64, Banjo and Kazooie, and Mario Kart. Next thing you know we had 007, Goldeneye graced the house and become an immediate stress relief for the family. Okay, it did honestly give everyone a scape goat to shoot one another without really killing anyone. Like, literally my sisters and brother would play four player to just shoot one another. “That’s what you get for being a dick!” Yells my sister as she snipes me. There is a joy to snipping your siblings form 100 yards.


Being an arcade child of the 90’s, I saw innocently 007, Goldeneye as another first person shooter like Doom, or later installments i.e. House of the Dead. This is also because Nintendo is known for the quantity over quality around this time too. However, a commit must have flown by Earth because the quality in this game is above and beyond even to this day, thanks again to third party developer Rare. Sure its all fuzzy felt 3-D rendering but it’s all about the atmosphere created people!

Goldeneye set itself apart from the crowd really early on with the amount of countless missions, overall objectives and spanning over 12 different environments which don’t lose the luster even on repeat. This is encompassed with three difficulty settings which very the quantity of work needing to be completed. It’s a feature which I dare say gave the game the standing power to compete with Mario 64.

Because this is a movie to video game the question is, does it mirror and at least have the essence of the movie? Yes, yes it does. In fact lets start with mission one. We’re in Russia and having to make it to the platform of a dam and jump off. Then facing off with 006 in a shoot out on an antenna. Between these two iconic moments are jungles, tundra bases and many other areas. Meanwhile planting bombs, escaping a train before it explodes, and killing major characters.


Graphics on the other hand are what you paid for. On one hand the environments are detailed enough to satisfy everything you would expect these day to have an edge in covert operations. On the other hand characters are about as detailed in fuzzy felt as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. The worst of the worst, sad to say is the Bond-Girl in this N64 experiment. Natalya goes down in history as the worst 3-D rendered video game character ever. The worst part here is, development team had one job.

Music and atmosphere is good. Only thing I would have added into this game is getting the actors in and reading lines. Ya’know, instead of reading. I know… Small complaint and it’s not that Hooked on Phonics didn’t work. Just a point video games like this are not meant to be a fucking novel.

End of the day 007, Goldeneye is cool. It was an experiment which opened a world of possibilities for later tank first person shooters. If you enjoyed Perfect Dark, or Perfect Dark Zero, then 007 won’t be anything new. Provided all three games were developed by the same team. At the end of the day it reminds everyone Nintendo is a printing press. It opened the door to four player shooters, and had depth in a thin story line. However that’s all you’re going to find here. Usually Rare video games have some “X factor,” but for 007 you won’t find it here.


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