Layers of Fear Inheritance

A young me would have told you Layers of Fear was the dogs biscuit in comparison to this overwhelming attempt to fill the void deeply trenched once P.T. disappeared. However, we’re stuck with this reality. While it would be nice to move right along, instead we’re all really fixated on how to make lightening strike twice again. Capcom’s Resident Evil Seven has surly attempted to eat the nom-noms from the pig troth. Sadly though, others have eaten the main course here and Layers of Fear continued on with it’s first person simulator of being in a horror house DLC style.


For those catching up, Layers of Fear is a psychological horror following the trial and tribulation mental break of a painter; and it’s effect on the family. While playing the game I didn’t catch a gender for the child in the story line… I figured an infant, at best. Turns out Inheritance is all about the ‘daughter’ of the painter and pianist. I’m supposing this installment takes place well after the fact of the first game. Because either she’s a tween, teen, or a young adult.

Either way, as the daughter, I have parental issues still and sometime to just decide to take a tour of the house. With this said, I start off in the atrium armed with a flashlight. As opposed to the first installment, I’m here for the ‘truth’ behind the events that really went down. As if it wasn’t explained visually, literally, or figuratively in the original installment.


Now, Inheritance tells its tale in the same vein as the original story line. Game play however is really driven by disjointed ‘flashbacks’ of a younger self. Yes, I’m either tottering, crawling or scooting across the floor in these ‘flashbacks.’ Here’s a flashback, how about a game which already took that idea like “Among the Sleep.” Overall though, nothings really changed in context. Doors still open whenever they want. Rooms do things when I interact with them. Puzzles are a joke half the time. However, the whole game hinges on the father and his abuse. Sadly though, we’re talking about a daughter who’s got daddy issues. At first we’re wanting to figure out what caused these issues. Lead to hating our father for being a dick. Then, we’re punctuated by loving our parents because they we’re just doing their best…. Hmm… Seems like a character who needs more than a walk through the past.

For those who’ve played Layers of Fear, Inheritance isn’t the leader of the pack. To be fair for a DLC utilizing the environments. Inheritance simply walks in the shadow of a game which is brilliant in concept. The only truth in the process of playing two video games taking place in the same environments is you’ll have protagonist one’s point of view. Then you’ll have a whole other protagonist and their point of views. What remains is the truth after completing both stories…. What we have here is the hopes and dreams of the creators here trying to contrive some sort of coherence. There’s a lot we’ve already seen, heard, or feel like we got the gist of in the original game. Simply put we’re just here to hear the story of a daughter and her father who wanted a protege.



2 thoughts on “Layers of Fear Inheritance

    1. Thank you for the comment. I think you would enjoy many more to come. I would find the time to play “Layers of Fear.” I think the original is something to invest into. The DLC is just another, maybe hour and a half side story. Where as “Layers of Fear” is a solid 4 hours and worth the price for entertainment.


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